Thursday, May 2

An Open Letter to PJ

The New Babbage Free Press was delivered the following letter from an anonymous source, with instructions that it be posted in the afternoon edition.

An Open Letter to PJ

It has come to the attention of many citizens that you have threatened to crush the New Babbage Militia, and to further destroy the city ‘heroes’ you named, in specific one Beryl Strifeclaw.

You can have the cat, but you cannot have the city. His death will not stop us from our task.

Know this, with certainty. The men and women of the militia will not be crushed, deterred, or dissuaded from its mission to defend and protect the city. The loss of one individual will not stop the people of the city from doing their duty to hearth and home.

If you want our city, come try and take it.

Publius Publicola
Volunteer of Militia.

This reporter made inquiries at City Hall as to the receipt of any 'official' threats against the city as a whole, and was advised by a high placed official that none have been delivered. As always, the Free Press will be vigilant to any breaking stories.