Wednesday, November 20

City Plagued By Booby-Traps




New Babbage, NB — It seems that this sooty city of ours is never at rest from the darker elements of our world who stalk our streets lurking in dark corners and baiting traps for the innocent and easily duped.

Such is the case in our city for the past week, as a series of traps have been reported in all neighborhoods. "Reports coming in from all over the city, little traps built for children." said Mrs E Gleat of Babbage Canals, a member of the New Babbage League of Social Welfare and Reform. "Yet another example of the youth of our city being preyed upon, they are seemingly at constant threat."

Others, however, believe the traps may be intended with other targets in mind. "Sure, the traps could hold a kid." said Mr Y Hanning of Babbage Traps and Chili in Clockhaven. "But the traps could also be intended for raccoons, or possums, them little clockworks what make noise all night, that fat little urchin that steals pies from windows, could be a lot of things is the point."

Some reports claim the bait of the trap is a simple red button, causing some to wonder if the culprit behind the traps is a member of the Red Button Bandits. Ms J Daghart of the New Babbage Militia could not be reached for a comment at the time of printing.