Monday, February 4


1. Salvagers, to remove ruins of ominous old occultist hall and any attendant gods (as is practical).  Must provide own steam crane.
2.  Reclaimed lumber, glass, fixtures and other housing materials, for new construction.
3.  Ordained cleric, to bless foundation of ominous old occultist hall in preparation for new construction.  Must be qualified to exorcise and/or evict any lingering deities, spirits, nightmares, dinosaurs, crabs, assassins, zombies, or other manifestations of evil as appropriate or necessary.
4.  Construction gang.  Must provide own tools.  May camp as necessary.

Negotiable in each category.  Please note that there will be no loss-of-immortal-soul benefit paid to survivors.  Bid at your own risk.
Please enquire with Miss Juniper Ginsburg, on behalf of her aunt Mrs Abigail Sharp, at the Gangplank Public House, 6225 Prince Dakkar Boulevard, Clockhaven, New Babbage NB

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