Saturday, January 5

Tragic Scene in South Wheatstone




NEW BABBAGE, NB — The large, grim Murgam Asylum in the south Wheatstone area of New Babbage was the scene of a grisly crime earlier today, when a group of ill-tempered men forced their way inside of the institution and brutally assaulted the head administrator, a Dr. T Solson.

The gang of ruffians was apparently lead by a gentleman named Cortland, a former inmate and employee of the asylum, who dangerously and brazenly brandished a blade.  Cortland, an unpopular man in the neighborhood, is believed to have suffered a psychotic break due to an abrupt employment dismissal, in conjunction with several close associates recently falling victim to tragic and untimely deaths - a fate he himself was to succumb to before the affair was over.  Cortland was found laying inert in a pool of swiftly coagulating blood, apparently a victim of suicide by his own hand.

Following the suicide, the gang was brought under control by a Miss B Hineriks, a volunteer member of the New Babbage Milita, though unfortunately not before the geriatric Dr. Solson was already gravely injured.

A doctor at the asylum, one Dr. C Surtson, found his professional resolve shaken by the scene, and was found pacing agitatedly in a stupor outside, so graphic was the gore inside.  A witness on-site described the scene as 'gruesome'.

Dr. T Solson was considered to be in serious, but not life-threatening, condition; the man Cortland was pronounced dead on the scene.  A feline orderly was also injured.

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