Thursday, January 21


WANTED:   Landscape gardener for extensive installation and maintenance of hotel grounds.  Apply noon to 2pm to Lady J. Moldylocks at Essex House Hotel, Wheatstone Waterways.  References required.

Orderlies needed for Murgam Asylum.  Must be strong and able to follow instruction.  Contact Dr Vartarian, Murgam Asylum, 33 New Street, Wheatstone Waterways.

WANTED:  Young strapping lads willing to perform strenuous manual labor, no questions asked.  Must be discrete.  Contact Dr M Miggins, Jefferson Way Mortuary, Babbage Square.

NEED: Bottle of Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes wine 1787, unopened.  Willing to pay a princely sum!  Contact R Bologna at Essex House Hotel, Wheatstone.

From AZ to LK

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