Sunday, January 17


  • The Bucket of Blood is looking for bartenders - all shifts.  Must be able to handle themselves, and keep unruly crowds in check.  Bringing your own club is a benefit.  Contact Miss Medusa Jones at 5 West Abney Parkway
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED URGENTLY FOR SAFE MEDICAL TESTING - money to be made, no danger whatsoever.  Contact Dr S Thornley, #12 Fairbairn Street
  • Young and attractive ladies are needed to work as entertainers in private events for gentlemen of means.  If you are skilled in one of the fine entertainment arts (dancing, singing, etc) and are not one to fade, Mr. Nicholas Herding would like to meet you to discuss further your opportunities for his upcoming season of popular shows.  Send inquiries directly to Mr. Herding.
  • FROM BR 2 SM: 20.8.5 — — — 23.1.19 — 19.21.16/ — 20.15 — —

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