Monday, January 14

Art Museum Opens In Clockhaven




NEW BABBAGE, NB — If a city's worth is measured by its devotion to the arts, let it be known that New Babbage is this day rather corpulent indeed, as hotelier Mr V Morningtea of Brunel Hall inaugurates the New Babbage Gallery of Art in the Clockhaven district.

The opening of the museum — which is situated on the waterfront of Clockhaven Port, on Harrison Street at Temple Lane — will give aspiring and established artists a chance to display their works to the public.

Mr Morningtea believes this to be an important aspect of the museum, stating, 'As we all know, artists are scraping by day to day, which is why citizens who are invited to show their work in the museum will be able to sell them... so everyone can enjoy their fine work.'

Not all citizens, however, share the wealthy hotelier's excitement over the opening.  Mr R Bohns, owner and proprietor of RB Meats Butcher Shop in Coronet Gardens, was quoted as stating, 'Only art [which] gets my hackles up is wanted posters. So long as I'm not on them, I don't have to worry none.'

Mr Morningtea is confident Babbagers will respond enthusiastically to the gallery, and vehemently denies the gallery is any way a tax dodge.

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