Friday, January 18

Rabid Wolf Slain In Wheatstone




NEW BABBAGE, NB — Shortly after the midnight hour, exceedingly early on Friday morning, a behemothic wolf — which was thought, by doctors, to be suffering from acute hydrophobia — was shot down by bullets on Fae Way, in West Wheatstone Waterways.

As the midnight hour loomed closer, clocks across the city began chiming independently one by one, when they once had chimed in unison as the clock struck twelve; the queer absence of the clockwinder felt keenly on the hour, made queerer in Wheatstone when the quiet following the chiming was shattered by the howling of a wolf at the blood red half moon peering down through the soot.

According to city records, the last time a wild wolf was spotted in Wheatstone was 78 years earlier, during the 'Ice Wolves Massacre' when, during a particularly long and cold winter, a large pack of wolves from the Fells stormed the city gates and ravaged the entire city.

Young Master C Rayna was up, outrageously late, reading to an infirm and bedridden friend at the time.  'Miss Book and I heard a blood-curdling howling just outside her house.'  The two, using perhaps questionable judgement, ventured outdoors to investigate the sound. 'Since there had been numerous attacks recently, Miss Book brought her gun.' Master Rayna confided.

Soon after Miss B Hinericks — a volunteer member of the New Babbage Militia — investigated the street   outside her home, the immense wolf emerged.  'The wolf charged at me,' Master Rayna excitedly recounted. 'But luckily Miss Book shot it down within inches of me.'  Miss Hinericks was unavailable for comment.

Local zoologist Dr R Millar stated to the Free Press: 'Wild wolves seldom pose a threat to people, though there are times when they will attack men, due to hunger or perceived threat.  Unfortunately, rabies is both the most common reason, and also the most deadly.'  The corpse of the wolf was taken to Militia Headquarters, where it is assumed the animal will be tested for rabies.

It is believed by some that this rogue lupine was to blame for some of the recent mauling deaths which have, as yet, gone unexplained.  Reports that the wolf was clothed at the time of the attack have not yet been confirmed at the time of printing.

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