Tuesday, January 8


COURTMAN  — Villain, shot down by Militia bullets, in this city on Saturday 5 January.  Henry Courtman, aged 55.

DOE  — Suddenly, by bullet, in Wheatstone.  John Doe [name unknown] aged aprox. 36 - 44.

DORCHESTER  — In her residence, after prolonged illness.  Venetta Dorchester succumbed to consumption on Monday 7 January, aged 52.  Survived by son, Roland.  Body was interred in Babbage Cemetery.

FLYNT — Suddenly, by bullet, in Wheatstone.  Marcus Flynt perished whilst consumed by brain fever, aged approx. 26 - 28.  Body held at Jefferson Way Mortuary

GRISWOLD  — In his residence in Clockhaven.  Russel Griswold died in agony, surrounded by his wife, Moon; and his two daughters, Catherine and Victoria, aged 38.  Cause of death was food poisoning.  Funeral service was held at the Cathedral of the Builder, and body will be interred at Babbage Cemetery.

HARPER  In this city, due to illness.  Rhodolite Harper died of pleurisy and inflammation of the chest, aged 48.  It is requested that no flowers be sent.

MacTAVISH  Suddenly, in the Academy, by fall.  Donald MacTavish, steeplejack, died Sunday 6 January after falling from a great height while repairing the flues at Brunel Hall, aged 32.  Funeral service will be held at the Cathedral of the Builder when he lands.

QUICK  In her residence.  Elise Quick, found deceased due to unforseen complications.  She is survived by an infant daughter and several likely ex-husbands.

SANTANA  — Suddenly, by stray bullet, in Wheatstone.  Juan Santana was struck by a stray bullet from the sky in west Wheatstone and died instantly, aged 34.

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