Wednesday, January 16


HOYT  — Street urchin, shot in the chest by bullets, in this city on Saturday 5 January.  Master Hoyt Namewitheld, aged unknown, aprox. 8-12.

D'ARCY  — In agony, after brief illness, in Coronet Gardens.  Mr Jacob D'Arcy succumbed to food poisoning after a week long illness, survived by his wife Martha, and daughter Evelyn.  Service will be held at Cathedral of the Builder on Friday.

LONGBOTTOM  Suddenly, in Clockhaven.  Mr Wilson Longbottom died unexpectedly due to complications from self abuse, aged 27.   No service.  Body will be cremated.  Family requests no flowers, or acknowledgement of any kind.

PATTERSON  — Drowned, in Wheatstone Waterways.  Mr Robert Patterson drowned in Peral Canal in Wheatstone, when his Go-Devil plunged through a hole in the ice, on Tuesday 15 January, aged 22.  Survived by fiancee Zelda Fitzbottom.  Body will be interred in Babbage Cemetery, sympathizers are discouraged from leaving flowers on the canal ice.

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