Wednesday, January 16

City Children Hunt Black Birds




NEW BABBAGE, NB — Tiny legs on tiny feet scamper to and fro across the cobbles of the city today, all sharing a single purpose: the systematic hunt of black birds.

Children in every district have been witnessed tossing stones at corvids awing, greasing ledges, constructing wooden cages, marking maps, and strategically ambushing — all in the hopes of catching birds.  The ire of the street urchins seems to be chiefly aimed at ravens, crows, magpies, and starlings.

The reason for this pursuance is still largely nebulous at the time of printing, though suggestions have run the gamut from some sort of gambling sport to the belief that the birds are stealing souls.

'It could be related to the bounty Mayor Tenk placed on ravens a few years ago.' suggested prominent citizen Mr G Baroche of Clockhaven.

Young Master C Raynah, of the Academy district, stated to a member of the Free Press just before printing, 'We have a plan, but that is all I can say.'

It is currently unknown if a reward is being offered.

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